It's Time for Tacos & Beer!

Bike to the Brewery

Let's Ride for the Long Island Greenway!

In partnership with

Just show your rider I.D. wristband to get your free beer and tacos. (We're good for a couple of beers and the first round of tacos -- all included in the price of the ride. If you're still standing after that, you are on your own Jack!)

How to Get Home

Home? Why leave?

OK, if you insist.

1. Have your friends meet you at the brewery and give you a lift home. It's a great place and a lot of fun.  Plenty of free parking. Your tacos and beer are included in the price of the ride; your friends can purchase food and drink at reasonable prices.

2. We will offer optional transport back to Bellmore and NYC. You pay us to transport your bike ($25) and you take the LIRR train. (Buy your own ticket, or use your monthly pass).

About Parks & Trails New York

Parks & Trails New York (PTNY) is New York’s leading statewide advocate for parks and trails. Since its founding in 1985, PTNY has been fighting to improve our health, economy, and quality of life through the use and enjoyment of green space. In collaboration with members, supporters and partners from across the state, PTNY is a prominent voice for the protection and expansion of New York’s magnificent state park system and multi-use trail network, including more than 1,500 miles of greenways, bike paths, and river walks. Learn more at

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Another Swell Ride from Yer Old Pal Glen

Saturday August 26, 2023

40 Miles • 60 Miles

No Fundraising

• Limited to 200 riders only! •

Blue Point Brewery? We go way back with these folks!

(No, we do not have extra copies of ANY of those jerseys!  If you have one, hang on to it!)

Let's go.

We are long overdue for a tacos and beer run, and I am ready. Let's pedal to the Blue Point Brewery and kick back.

All credit due to our friends at Trust for Public Land as well as Parks & Trails New York, organizer of the well-loved Cycle the Erie Canal bike tour from Buffalo to Albany, and the new Cycle the Hudson Valley bike ride from Troy to NYC. Parks & Trails New York is partnering with me to bring you this great ride, which will also support completion of the Long Island Greenway. Come help us advocate for better cycling on Long Island... and have some great snacks, drinks, and sights along the way.

What? Where? How?

Relax!  We've made it easy.

(We'll remind you of all these details later, but here's a sneak preview).

60 Mile Route

Start your day by taking the E or J subway with your bike to our start line at the Sutphin Blvd - Archer Av - JFK Airport subway station.  


A) Just pretend I know what I'm talking about.

B) Unlike the LIRR, the subway allows bikes in quantity.

C) We wanted to skip some of the more difficult sections of pedaling and get to the fun.

D) It's a respectful nod to the old days (before my time) when folks who were pedaling from NYC to Montauk would gather out this way and... stand around, drinking coffee and wasting time until someone said, "OK, let's go." In those days no official rest stops, no marked route, no GPS files... just ride.

I read the Cambelback owner's manual carefully, and I'm pretty sure this is not an authorized use....

40-Mile Route

The 40-mile route starts pedaling from the Bellmore, Long Island LIRR station. You are on the same route as everyone else -- you just start pedaling a bit closer to the finish line.

You can get to Bellmore on your own, OR you can meet us at the NYC start line and we will transport your bike to Bellmore for free. You get to Bellmore by paying for your own train ticket from NYC (or use your monthly LIRR pass).  A friendly reminder that you can NOT take your bike on the train -- that's why we transport it for you!

Hempstead Lake State Park no-car bike path -- the 60-mile routes go here.  Fully paved.

Of course if you'd rather pedal to the Sutphin Blvd subway station stop instead of taking the subway it's OK with us!

Pedal from Sutphin Blvd to the Blue Point Brewery.  Go at your own pace or ride with our official escort leaders. Of course there will be swell snack stops and full support. About 20-miles in we'll be joined by our friends who are starting the 40-mile ride from Bellmore, Long Island. Same route -- they just start closer to the finish line.

Heckscher State Park no-car bike path. The 40- and 60-mile routes will both be pedaling this lovely section.

Whether you're doing the 40-mile route or the 60-, right before the brewery finish line all cyclists will stop to see some good friends of Parks & Trails New York at the beautiful Snapper Inn restaurant, where they will be providing an amazing snack! (Yes, really...)

When we reach the finish line at the Blue Point Brewery we'll celebrate with free beer and tacos. (Yes, it's Taco Tuesday... on a Saturday!)